The Write-Off Project

In the interest of saving money, studying my own consumption and engineering my behavior a bit, I've decided to create a piece of art for every single physical thing that I buy for a year. Then I'm gonna write everything off on my taxes.

I stocked up on non-perishable food and supplies from WinCo to prepare, and am currently in the process of painting or drawing every single item I buy between April 17th 2018 and April 15th 2019. They will all be for sale on my website as they are finished. The project is likely to take far longer than a year to complete though.

Services and digital goods won't be I won't be painting the act of getting a haircut, taking a taxi or subscribing to Netflix. All artwork I make must be a physically created piece though; so no digital paintings or photoshopping.

Should be "fun'.

I'll be updating the blog every now and then as art is finished. All work is available for purchase here.