Daily Face 101

Hey want to help support my art, and get a cool new twitter AVI or Facebook profile pic? Well, I'm going to start letting people submit their own photos to be used as reference for my daily face digital sketches.

If you sponsor a post for $45, you'll get a full-res file of the image in the format you prefer (these are all done at a much higher res than what's posted online). I think the portraits would make great avatars for social media, and are also suitable for printing out at 11" X 14". Payment can be made through paypal on a simple webform; you'll be added to a queue and I'll start doing the commissioned faces in the order I receive them.

I'm also going to be donating $15 for each sponsorship to my friend Hannah Barry's crowdfunding campaign for medical costs. You can read more about that or donate here.

Sponsor a post here!